Tunneling in Stockholm

The first major tunnel project In Stockholm was the drill and blast of the railway tunnel beneath sodermalm. The work begun in the fall of 1864. In the beginning of 1865, there was an article that compared the tunneling works with tunnels built through the alps. The 433 meter long was inaugurated on the 17th och July 1871. The tunnel was in use until 1960s and is today owned by Stockholm City Museum and used for storage.

Since then, the use of underground space in the city of Stockholm has expanded rapidly. The most common use of underground space that most people experience daily is of course road and rail tunnels. But there is so much more that you can’t see. For example

  • Rock caverns to solve book storage problems (National library of Sweden)
  • Car Park built in rock reduces street parking problem, with Stigbergsgaraget being one example.
  • Underground public transport hubs (Slussen bus terminal)
  • The waste water treatment plant Henriksdal serving Stockholm
  • Thermal energy storage providing heating and cooling (IKEA)
  • New underground life-support system (Sodersjukhuset hospital)

When you visit Stockholm some of our technical visits may include these amazing places. If its cold rain and fog on the top abound, we can always descend to the brightness of the underground.