ITA Think Tank

On this congress we introduce - ITA think tank- and we plan three sessions, one each day during the congress. These are the occasions where we gather around the tree topics related to our industry.

We will get the possibility to explore each topic, its implications to our business, and we will be able to come forward with some recommendations for ITA on how to work with the matter in the year to come. We will explore one topic per day from Monday to Wednesday.

The Think Tank will be held in purpose build venue at Stockholmsmässan where the stage is placed in the centre of the room and you will be seated at round tables together with five colleagues. You will be able to listen to input from some high profile leaders relevant to the topic and also to discuss with your colleagues around your table. All guided by experienced moderators.

Three key topics have been identified for WTC 2025 ITA think tank, and these are:

  • Environmental Impact – Net zero emission, Utopia or reality?
  • Technical development – Future education, What is required from universities and industry to succeed?
  • Tunnelling without injuries – Is a zero vision realistic?

All three topics takes there starting point in the fact that we are all in a rapid change where means and methods are changing and developing fast. It should allow us to reduce significantly on environmental impact as well as accident rats. But even if the possibilities are there, we can´t see that we are moving as fast as one could expect and we are asking ourselves why this is, and what can we do to support the changes needed.

We also know that the technology and digital capabilities are developing quickly, and that this development will change the expectations on the engineers of tomorrow. In one of the sessions, we will explore what requirement and expectations that will come from the industry in the future. We will also look into what implications that will have on our universities and what change they are standing in front of.

All three sessions will be held before lunch, and they are followed up in the afternoon in a workshop where the outcome will serve as input and recommendations for ITA General Assembly on what to focus upon in the year to come.

We wish you all welcome to take part of ITA Think Tank!