World Tunnel Congress 2025

9 – 15 May, 2025 | Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to Sweden, we are excited to meet all of you in the spring of 2025!

Welcome to Sweden

Sweden will shortly be one of the world’s first sustainable and fossil free nations. By the year 2045, Sweden’s net greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere will then be less than zero! This is a work in progress and development of technologies and methods is accelerating. As we have done in the past, we want to share our knowledge and experiences with all of you, and gain knowledge and experiences from you, this time by hosting the World tunnel congress 2025, WTC2025.

More than a hundred years ago we were the cradle were new technologies were nourished, the dynamite, effective machinery and production methods. Despite our relative small country we are still leading the way, building one of the most complex underground road tunnel networks, the Bypass Stockholm. A new metro with one of the deepest underground stations only accessible by elevators. And large rock caverns to store liquid hydrogen with the purpose to produce fossil free steel.

Sweden’s experience of underground construction dates back more than a century. This development is sometimes referred to as being a result of good rock conditions and close cooperation between owners, consultants, contractors and machinery manufacturers.

Examples of early use of the underground, other than for mining purposes, include hydroelectric power plants, traffic tunnels and military facilities, including public shelters. The knowledge that has been gained has during the last century been shared with the rest of the world and then refined by all of you.


Initial Call for Abstracts is March 1st

We have just published key dates, the selected 13 topics and more!

Three Stories

In Sweden, storytelling is cherished, passed down through generations in various forms like folktales, sayings, and songs. 

Swedish Mining
Swedish Mining

Innovative mines materials & technology

Energy Underground
Energy Underground

Innovative underground storage

Utilizing underground for sustainable cities
Utilizing underground for sustainable cities

Innovative infrastructure

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